Friday, January 30, 2009

Christine's Friday Report #8

I weigh 330 pounds, and am a size 26/28.

My total weight loss is 26.5 pounds.

So I have obviously gained back some of the weight I had lost. But I did exercise today and am going to start excercising again.



I'm walking an hour and a half every Monday-Saturday with a woman who needs to lose 100 lbs. She will be 40 in November. Returning to health is what she most wants for her birthday. When she's been walking a month she will get Dr. approval to start some easy jogging. Her goal is to run 10k by September 1st. One day she wanted to skip walking because of the weather. I said, "No way. If the rain is bothering you we'll walk the mall". You need a sensitive (so you don't get injured) but pushy (so you stay on track!) friend to tackle this with.

Michelle said...

I'll be your friend ;) I went walking today with Jeff and then we went to the gym tonight. Let's do this together - even if it is via phone/e-mail most of the time!

Emily R said...

i'll be your friend too - you call me, i'll call you and we'll motivate eachother to get to the gym or some form of exercise! welcome back!!!