Monday, November 10, 2008

I Touched the Front Gate!

The driveway at my Dad's ranch is a mile long. I had never walked all the way from the house to the front gate because I was too intimidated by the walk. It is hilly, and I never thought I could do it without passing out. One time I walked almost half way but turned around because I didn't want to go up the big hill.

Saturday, I took the kids out to Dad's ranch for the day. While I was there I decided to walk all the way to the front gate (two miles round trip). I did it! I walked at a decent steady pace and only got winded on the big hill. Thanks to Emily, Sarra, and Michelle for going with me.

I realise that for some, that walk would be a piece of cake. For me, that was a big accomplishment. It makes me want to make that walk many more times, at least once a day that I am out there. Who knows, maybe I can even work up to jogging it one day.


Sarra said...

i think doing anything with people makes a biiiig difference in the outcome. i'm so happy i could be there for the momentous occasion!

Emily R said...

hey, i had a lot of fun w/you! congrats!!! come out next weekend we will do the same! and i really think VERY soon you will be running it with weights in your hands - like superdog! (wait, have you ever read the book "SUPERDOG the heart of a hero"? good book...)

Michelle said...

Sign me up - I'll see you Sat at the starting line

Christine said...

All right girls, Saturday it is! I'll be there with my running shoes and my weights!