Friday, November 7, 2008

Request for Music

Well, It didn't take me long to get sick of my play list, so I am requesting ideas for new songs. What are your top 10 favorite workout songs (please include title and artist). Thanks!


Kelly said...

Hi Christine, Mary Kay's Kelly here.

I am so proud of you! Here are some of mine:

Run, by Ben Kweller-this song always makes me feel peppy

Anything by Fall Out Boy or Finger 11
and Beyonce, I know, weird, but they totally make me want to shake my thing.

Good Luck!

Sarra said...

my favorite workout songs are a little weird.
i like these songs because the beats are on my walking/running pace:
du haast by rammstein
paralyzer by finger 11
your mama don't dance by poison
others too, but i can't think of them.
i like these because i know them, they take my mind off the exercise completely and they don't fill my head with bad thoughts or words:
beethoven's 7th symphony - 4th mvmt
light cavalry overture
ride of the valkyries
i realize classical music is not everyone's cup of tea, but i love it, and listening to these songs makes me feel heroic and happy, and full of energy.

Sam and Kat said...

lately ive been listening to "hurricane" by something corporate and "bruised" and "dark blue" by jack's mannequin. they are different bands but the same very up beat and fun... also that new band paramore that sings "that's what you get" is very fun too.. these are all like pop punk style. there are a couple more songs that are fun, upbeat and are totally worth downloading. they are:
"showing me everything you've got" by the rocket summer
"hero-heroine" by boys like girls

anywho, thats the kinda music i've been listening to when we go work out. its fun stuff.. hope you enjoy it! good luck with everything!

Amy said...

Shake It by Metro Station

Amy said...

viva la vida by cold play

Amy said...

Hot N cold by katy perry