Friday, November 21, 2008

Christine's Friday Report #6

I weigh 326.5 pounds, and am a size 26/28.

My weekly weight loss is 8.5 pounds.
My total weight loss is 30 pounds.

Wahoo! 30 pounds! I have only 5.5 pounds until I get to my 10% goal. My next goal after that will be 300 pounds.

I started running on the elliptical this week. This may be why the big jump start in weight loss. I was down in Pearland to help my mom and I went with Michelle to her gym for two days. We ran on the elliptical. It was fun to work out with her. If I had not, I would probably still be walking on the treadmill. So, Thanks Michelle! You are a great work out partner!

I'm looking forward to this next week, Thanksgiving! I am going to stay on plan. The good news is that there are some people that are trying to be healthy, so there will be healthy options around and it won't be hard to exercise.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


mkbluebonnets said...

Way! To! Go! I'm so proud of you! 30 pounds! Are your jeans falling off of you YET?

Does this mean we have to have a Diet Thanksgiving? Maybe we'll change our plans... ;-)

Christine said...

No, now my jeans actually fit instead of breaking my rule of "Just because you can put it on, doesn't mean you should!"

Thanksgiving will be great!

I don't eat diet anyway. I eat "normal".

Richelle said...

WooHoo! Great job Christine! I see you also lost the top size on the clothing, that has got to feel good. You are an inspiration!