Friday, October 17, 2008

Christine's Friday Report #1

I weigh 348.5 and wear a size 28/30.

I am excited. I just finished my work out for today. Man, it's so hard and I just watch the minutes count down. I get so excited after only 12 minutes. I think YEA! I'm a quarter of the way there! Then 22 min. YEA! I'm half way there! My favorite is when I only have 10 or 5 minutes left. I think to myself. I can do anything for 5 or 10 minutes. Then when I'm done I just want to yell in the gym, YEAH!!!! Wahoo!!! right out loud, but I don't. I think that would be awkward. But this morning when I got in my car, after working out, I actually did! Yea for me! I finished!

It's a beautiful day today and I choose to LIVE!

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Richelle said...

WooHoo! You're already down some.