Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Feelings Gone!

Holy Freakin' Moly! Whatever good feelings I might have had about Ken are now gone! I honestly hadn't realized how weak I had become. I went in, fully expecting the work out to be hard, but I did not expect what I got. Maybe Ken thought that if he killed me on our first work out together, he wouldn't have to train me again. Well, Sorry, No such luck!

We worked on legs. There is not really much to say except that I am weak, but I did all that was asked of me, even if my muscles locked up and I had to crawl out of the gym using only my arms. Just kidding about the crawling!

I did manage to get on the treadmill after the workout, though I started at a slower pace, but I got my 45 minutes in. Yay me!

I will be meeting with my mortal enemy Ken again tomorrow and we will take all my measurements and body fat percentage, etc., as if today was was not bad enough. I gotta start somewhere, right? I just wish that I had taken my measurements two weeks ago when I first got started. Also we have another workout punishment session scheduled tomorrow.

Good times! I really am excited about training again, even though it is really hard, it will hopefully just up my progress. I will be training with a trainer three times a week. And I will continue working out on my own the other two days, still totalling five days a week.

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Michelle said...

Wow - you are a machine. I love that your trainers name is Ken - so I can picture him looking like a "Ken" doll. Being sore won't last forever and you will be surprised by how fast you gain strength. Good job!