Friday, October 31, 2008

Christine's Friday Report #3

I weigh 335.5 pounds, and am a size 28/30.

My weekly loss is 6.5 pounds.
My total loss is 21 pounds.

Yeah! This means I am now 1 pound less than my July weight.

Today is Halloween. Happy Halloween! We had the church Trunk or Treat last night. I thought I would be so smart and offset all the candy that everyone was handing out by handing out Halloween pretzel bags. (I know, why not hand out a box of raisins. I'm a dork!) This way I would not be tempted to eat the candy. I forgot that my kids would be getting buckets of candy themselves. It was a little hard for me last night when I saw the mini Twix, Heath bar, and Milkyway. I just had to walk away and hope that my kids would eat those things first. I can do without the fruity sugary stuff, but chocolate and caramel!? That is temptation to me! One thing that really helped me last night was knowing that I had my public weigh in this morning. So thanks for holding me accountable!

Today is my last work out for this week. Wahoo! I got my 5 stickers! And this is the last day of the Month. I am still comitted to LIVING. Maybe more so after seeing a 21 pound drop in basically three weeks. I know the rate will slow down as the weight drops, and that's okay. Besides being sore now, I have more energy and am not as tired through out the day, even though I am still ready for bed at 9pm. (I know, sad, hu? It's my meds.) Anyway, I hope that you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Eat some chocolate for me!


mkbluebonnets said...

OH. MY. GOSH! How awesome are you! Way to go...proud to know ya!

patrice davies said...

Christine..I am so proud of you! You are motivating me!! I will go and get in my workout today....If I work out for 1 1/2 hours does that make up for only exercising 3 times this week. This week was a doozy! I am proud of you Christine!!