Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you remember..

Do you remember the Snoopy Snow-Cone Machine? I think Patrice got one once, for her birthday or something. I thought it was so cool. Anyway, I was looking through the Current catalog and they have it in there. You too can have one for only $19.99 plus shipping.

Seeing that made me think about other things from back then and reminded me of a certain Mickey Mouse Water Pic.

Patrice and I rode our bikes to Eckard Drugs. She was about 8 years old, I was 5. We saw this Mickey Mouse Water Pic that we just had to have. We of course did not have enough money for the thing, so we came up with what we thought was a brilliant plan. We left Eckard's and went next door to Safeway, and got an empty shopping bag. In those days the bags were paper. So we took our empty bag back into Eckard's and wandered around for a while, then when we thought no one was looking, we put the Mickey Mouse Water Pic into the bag and then headed out the door. The Manager came out and asked what we had in the bag, we of course lied. Next he took us back into the store and called our mom. Now our Mom, being the very wise parent that she was, called the Friendswood Police Dept. and had them take us in to the station show us the jail and talk to us about what we had done. I really thought we were going to jail, and what scared me more was having to face me dad. That was worse than jail. Anyway, about an hour later my mom came on down to the station and picked up us. I don't remember what happened after that but "going to jail" really made an impression on my young little mind. I am pleased to report that I have only stolen one other thing since that time, but that is another story for another day, or maybe not...akward!

I digress...

I remember also when Patrice and I were in highschool, and we were exercise freaks. We would get up early before seminary and do the Jane Fonda Aerobics workout tape, then we would go to school and do colorguard and drill team, then we would go for a totally long walk after school and usually do another aerobics tape before bed. How in the world doing all that could I still never get any lower than 190 pounds? Hummmm... It's a Mystery!

How would it be to be 190 pounds today? I know that for many of you that is a scary thought to every be "that big", but for me, considering where I have been, that would be awesome!

Anyway, Here's to another day, another work out! I have continued to go to the gym and work out for my 45 minutes. Tomorrow is my first training with Ken...eek! I'm such a dork! I know! My calendar is getting filled with hearts and I am choosing to Live!


Michelle said...

Good luck with the trainer - it will be fun. They always are able to make you do things you didn't think you could or would not make yourself do. Then you know you can do them. (and I still won't make myself do some of them - ie: pull ups, push ups, any sort of ups)

Have fun and I want to know the other stealing story! ;)

patrice davies said...

I haven't ever stolen since then. Unless...christine you are talking about that one time....(J/K) Hey, so much for tact! You are not supposed to share my most intimate crimes with other people. Now everyone who reads this page(all 5 people) will always think of me as the one who stole the water pik. (Just kidding) Why is that memory so vivid in our minds and how can I be so effective in teaching my children so that they will NEVER do it again!>!>@>#$$^%%^&^&? Way to exercise Barbie!!! Have fun with Ken tomorrow!!!